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Insurance-Covered Medical Massage

If you've suffered injuries from a recent car accident, it’s crucial that you begin treatment as soon as possible to start the recovery process. Massage Therapy can greatly decrease the healing time of injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident. You are entitled by law to receive massage therapy services and have it billed through your personal injury protection (PIP).

Assuming you have an open claim with your car insurance company, it’s necessary to first see a primary physician, MD, Naturopath, or chiropractor so that your injuries can be assessed and diagnosed. It's important to note that massage therapists are unable to bill insurance companies without a prescription indicating a diagnosis.

After you've opened a claim, have had an appointment with one of the above-mentioned physicians and received a prescription for massage therapy, you are ready to make an appointment for your first massage session.  Prior to your first session, make sure you fill out our required forms for all motor vehicle claims.


In Massachusetts, your car insurance requires an explanation of your health insurance benefits to process any claims beyond an initial $2,000 of your PIP benefits. If you have been receiving other treatments (chiropractic work, etc.) you may already be nearing this initial $2,000 limit.

 It’s always a good idea to review the balance of your PIP account with your car insurance claims agent before beginning any treatment program.


Do you accept health insurance?

Sorry, but no. Nor do we do Worker's Comp claims. We only accept Personal Injury Protection via your car insurance (Geico, State Farm, etc.).

What's in the paperwork that I have to fill out?

We require information about your health history, your car insurance information, your claim agent's and attorney's information, and waivers. One of the waivers requires your acknowledgement that you will be required to pay out-of-pocket for your treatments in the event that your insurance fails to. We will do everything possible to prevent this from happening, but it's always a good idea to call your claim agent and verify that there is a sufficient balance left in your PIP account.

Why do I need a prescription from my doctor?

Two main reasons for this.
Your insurance company needs proof that your massage treatments are medically necessary for your recovery and want to know when they can stop paying. This brings us to the second reason, which is that only your doctor can dictate the duration and focus of your massages. It is for these reasons that your doctor must fill out the prescription form appropriately; we may reject it if it is not.

Insurance-Covered Medical Massage

$125 for 60 min Session