FAQs About CBD

Photo by @cause_medic

Photo by @cause_medic

Dandelion Massage Boston uses high-quality CBD products as standard in all of our treatments. But why? And is it safe?


What Are the Benefits of a CBD Massage?
Nearly everyone knows the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy-- it provides relief from chronic muscle pain, reduces muscle tension, eliminates toxins, and improves circulation. Quality CBD products help manage inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. Massage therapy and CBD complement each other wonderfully! CBD adds a "boost" to the already awesome benefits of massage.

How Are CBD Massages Different From Regular Massages?
CBD oil doesn't change the technique of the massage, but in our experience, our clients tend to experience a deeper and longer-lasting relaxation in their muscles after a CBD treatment. The process of physically kneading the oil into warmed, loosened muscle tissue is what carries it so efficiently into the circulatory system.

Is CBD a Drug?
If the question is whether CBD creates the sensation of getting “high”, the answer is no. CBD is not a psychoactive compound.

Is CBD Safe for Pregnant Women?
Although recent studies suggest that CBD is no more harmful than caffeine pills during pregnancy, more research is needed before a definitive conclusion is reached. Use sparingly.

Is CBD Safe for Kids?
Yes! CBD produces no harmful effects in children.